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Dear God

I now realise how much I messed up and don’t want the wrong thing. Lord I need them to be here with me but cant do it without You. Lord I cant do it myself and I know You are the only one who can do it. Lord I know it means getting the visa before they can be with me and I have no idea how I can get it. Lord I am in a mess and missing them so much. Lord I have spent so much time away from them and hate it. They don’t deserve it so I am asking in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ for help. Thank You Lord.

Dear God

You gave me the opportunity to have all I asked for. You performed a miracle for me. A great job, not just the country we wanted but even down to the city we wanted to live in, back with my beautiful wife and kids and I messed it all up as usual. I am an idiot. Lord I don’t know why I did it as it wasn’t what I wanted. There are no excuses. I messed up really badly. After all the hard times things were looking so good until I thought I could do it myself. Things were so great thanks to You. Lord I ask that You forgive me for what I did not just to disappoint you but to my family. Lord please bring them back to me and let us have what we should have and what they deserve even if I don’t. I ask in the name of Your wonderful Son Jesus Christ.